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We support persons with disabilities & their families in charting & navigating the course they choose for their lives...

What We Do and What We Believe

We can assist persons with intellectual, developmental, physical, or other health-related disabilities who may be enrolled in a variety of disability-related programs. These programs may be operated by state or other governmental agencies or managed care organizations under Medicaid or other funding sources. Our role is to assist people once they are enrolled in these programs in understanding what's available to them, how to access what's available, and planning how the supports and services available in that program can benefit them. Our services are available to persons at no cost when they are enrolled in a program that holds an agreement with Compass to provide Support Coordination, Brokerage Services, or other type of case management services to program enrollees.

The supports and services available in these programs may include personal care, residential, clinical, therapeutic, supported employment, or other services available that people can obtain from qualified providers in the local community. Supports may include equipment, medical supplies, assistive technology, home modifications, or other products that assist a person with a disability in daily life. The specific services or supports available depend on the specific program in which the person is enrolled and the specific needs the person has. Each program is unique and may or may not cover all these supports or services. All programs will have other qualifiers, conditions, limitations and other requirements for accessing available supports and services.


Understanding how things work in these programs and figuring out how to access what is available can be challenging, even daunting. So, our job is to help the person and family figure out what they need or want, identify what's available, get it approved, help find someone to provide it, make sure it is working satisfactorily, that it benefits them, and it provides them safety and security in their lives. 

Therein lies the reason our organization is named, "Compass" Coordination, Inc. Since persons with disabilities and their families often need help in "charting and navigating the course they choose for their lives", we believe a reliable compass is essential to embarking on that journey.

We believe much of our success in helping people navigate and chart their course is due to our commitment to applying "person-centered thinking and practice" in our work and our approach in supporting people and their families. Core principles of person-centered thinking and practice include:

  • Listening to and learning about what people want in their everyday lives;

  • Helping people take and maintain control of their lives;

  • Working together with a person and his/her family, friends and professionals to support the person in living the life that they want;

  • Emphasizing the person's connection and contribution to their family and community;

  • Writing an uniquely individualized plan of care and services that is built on what is important to and important for a person;

  • Putting the persons we support and our employees at the center of how we conduct our business; and

  • Giving and supporting hope for a good life.

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